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Minneapolis has been long recognized as a treasure among American cities.  

Yet recently, we have had city leaders put forward plans that put the unique fabric of our city at risk.  Many residents have come together to express their opposition at public hearings, community meetings, in letters, via email, and through city feedback forms.  The City has responded

with minimal empathy, collaboration or compromise.  

Our city has now adopted plans and policies that most people oppose.   


The silver lining is all of you.

The relationships forged together in the past year have been inspiring.  

We now have a broad-based coalition of voices that care deeply for our city and

are willing to fight for it.  We represent every ward in the city.  

The Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan has been the catalyst

but the work is just beginning. 


We need to come together to talk about what needs to change.  

Vox.MN is a destination for informing, exploring and organizing.  

We have found we can not trust what is said by City Hall and

need a home for the truth. Vox.MN will be this.  

We will use the power of our collective voice to exert close oversight

and demand accountability of our city leadership.  We will evaluate which city officials are sincerely in our corner and give them our full support.  

We view this site as a secure place to gather, share concerns and take action

to keep our city going in the right direction.  

We are open to inclusive, data-backed, thoughtful discussion

about what our city should be and how we can get there.


We'd love to hear from you!  

If you want to contact us, please reach out and Contact Us


We are all in this together.  


Your Vox.MN Team

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