Imagine being the head coordinator for a region comprising seven counties and 188 different communities. Now imagine trying to those places to work together on everything from housing and land stewardship to transportation and energy. That’s new Metropolitan Council Chair Nora Slawik’s job.

We’ll ask her how she’s enjoying playing out the real life version of Sim City and whether we can still add a Southwest Lightrail stop by the Bryant Lake Bowl.


Each show features a live interview and audience Q&A with a policy maker, candidate for office, certified expert, or big thinker.


That conversation is the cast’s inspiration for entirely unscripted sketch comedy.

• The show’s host interviews a leading thinker on a big issue

• Then a team of the Twin Cities’ most talented improvisers use the

conversation as inspiration for longform improv comedy

• In the second-half of the show, the guest answers questions from the


• The show wraps up with more no-holds-barred unscripted comedy

The Theater of Public Policy at Bryant Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater

Present Nora Slawik, Metropolitan Council Chair - Monday May 6 7:00 PM