2040 Hurts Minority Businesses

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

By Nasro Abshir - February 4, 2019 - Southside Pride -

My name is Nasro Abshir. I am the founder and owner of Family First Choice Childcare. My mom and I used to have two childcare locations—one in the Phillips neighborhood and the other in Loring Park. While commercial displacement has been talked about as a “concern” for the 2040 Plan, it has already been my reality. My Loring Park location was forced to close—leaving my families with no child care, my employees without a job, and in some cases resulting in job losses for my parents—because of the short notice from my landlord. I have been out of business on this location for about six months, and it has made it very difficult to get a new second location up and running due to all the city and state regulations required for child care. I am in the women-owned business community, I am an immigrant, I am a Person Of Color and none of this matters when a developer wants the space you launched your American Dream in with your heart and soul.

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