A City’s Bold Housing Plan

Readers assess Minneapolis’s groundbreaking plan to end single-family zoning.

To the Editor:

Re “Americans Need More Neighbors” (editorial, June 16):

“And the centerpiece is both simple and brilliant: Minneapolis is ending single-family zoning.”

Simple, yes. But this experiment deregulating every single-family zoned parcel to allow small apartments has attracted developers, investors and speculators to snatch up the least expensive houses for demolition. This simple plan has consigned Minneapolis to gentrification on steroids.

Minneapolis has created a new market for the destruction of small houses in decent neighborhoods. The people seeking traction in the economy and climbing the ladder into the middle class understand the concept of building equity in a home and that there is no more certain form of rent control than a 30-year mortgage. Their housing choices are being demolished and replaced with investor-owned rentals.

Brilliant? This urban experiment has unintended consequences.

Tim Keane Minneapolis The writer is a land use attorney and planner.

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"A City’s Bold Housing Plan"; Letters; The New York Times; June 29, 2019

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