A letter to Brad Bourn, Park Board

We received this letter from a volunteer, in response to the plan reported in the Star Tribune (see article here "Minneapolis Park Board considers forcing traffic to take detours off Minnehaha Parkway").

Dear Mr. Bourn -  It pains me greatly to have to fight yet another tax-wasting utopian proposal by our City and Park Board, but this must be addressed.  I am a full time working mother of 3 teens, and I don't have a lot of time to fight these shenanigans, so please hear me out.

Minnehaha Parkway in south Minneapolis would no longer be a continuous route for motorists under a plan being considered by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety. The plan calls for concrete medians at key intersections to force drivers to turn right off the parkway and onto city streets, cutting down on the amount of through traffic using the road that snakes along Minnehaha Creek. “It will be impossible to essentially drive the parkway continuously from Portland Avenue to 50th and the Lake Harriet area,” said Adam Arvidson, project manager for the Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail Master Plan released last week. “That vehicular flow would be interrupted. The primary benefit would be fewer cars on the parkway and therefore fewer intersections and conflicts with bicycles and pedestrians.”

As a cycling family, this is an insane proposal.  These are my primary concerns:

- Cost - we are tax burdened as a city and no housing is affordable with the proposed budget increases, this is a massive and ineffective waste of resources - let's TAKE CARE OF WHAT WE HAVE FIRST

- "Draft" Proposal - I have seen so many public hearings with a clear outcry for change in the past year on both Park Board and City issues, but resident input is ignored, please listen on this one

- Safety of Bikers/Pedestrians - If safety is the goal, it will not be achieved by this plan.  Forcing all cars to turn right off the parkway at several busy intersections would mean many, many more cars making right turns directly into the path of the vast majority of bikers, joggers and walkers who use the Minnehaha Parkway trails. 

Please take this input back and get rid of this proposal.

Thanks for your time.


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