At 288 units on about one block: Proposal stuns neighbors

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

At 6:30 p.m. on June 13, the little community room at Main Street Lodge was packed with neighbors, some of whom had received only hours’ notice of the meeting. The air became stuffier as tempers flared and the meeting continued. Folks in St. Anthony West were not happy.

The St. Anthony West Neighborhood Organization (STAWNO) called the meeting on short notice to allow developer Solhem Company to present their plans for two new apartment buildings on Main Street. The Main Street Apartments would face each other on Main Street and take up most of the block from 10th to 11th Avenue NE. They are dubbed “East” and “West.” Solhem plans to construct the buildings to meet LEED requirements.

The East building, shaped like a backwards numeral 1, will contain 175 apartments, 113 parking stalls and 230 bike parking stalls. It will be five stories tall, but a 14-ft. elevator override makes it a six-story building. Five single family and one multi-family residences, from 1011 to 1027 Main Street, will be demolished to make room for the almost 170,000-sq.-ft. building.

The square-ish West building will also be six stories tall. At 104,209 square feet, it will hold 113 apartments, 68 parking stalls and 150 spaces for bicycles. The majority of the ground-floor apartments will be walk-up units. Three dwellings on this side of the street, from 1018 to 1024, will also undergo the wrecking ball.

Architect Craig Hartman, Momentum Design Group, said the buildings have two distinct styles. The East building is the larger site and is designed to blend in with Stonehouse Square across the street. It’s also meant to be a buffer between Broadway and the neighborhood. The West building will “step down” as it approaches the neighborhood.

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Developer handouts East Building HERE.

Developer handouts West Building HERE.

"At 288 units on about one block: Proposal stuns neighbors"; by Cynthia Sowden; Northeaster Newspaper; June 24, 2019

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