Atlanta residents push for more protections for tree canopy

City in the Forest, CITF, is a coalition of Metro Atlanta residents advocating for better tree protection by working together to raise awareness for improved tree protection ordinances and more balanced building practices. As Atlanta grows, CITF is focused on a better way forward that serves all interests including the preservation of the City's unique urban forest.

"The #1 priority for our new ordinance must be to protect existing trees. Atlanta’s trees are essential to it’s character and an invaluable, irreplaceable resource. We are losing too many trees in our neighborhoods because the existing Tree Ordinance isn’t working. If we do not start saving high value trees now, we will not remain a City in the Forest.

"The new Atlanta Tree Ordinance must:

1. SAVE MORE TREES by planning for trees at the beginning of the development process.

2. PRESERVE OUR BEST TREES like healthy older oaks & native species in the best soils.

3. REDUCE GRADING & IMPERVIOUS SURFACE because to save trees we must protect soil.

4. ENFORCE TO DETER VIOLATIONS like illegal cutting & harm to trees on construction sites."

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