Technical Support - Post Search & Hash Tags

Updated: May 30, 2020

The BLOG Search Tool works great for finding Posts!

No need to browse through all the posts row after row. Instead use the Search tool found on the Navigation Bar at the top of the Members Blog and Public BLOG pages. Just "mouse-over" the tool, single click, then enter the term/phrase you're looking for and up pops a panel with the results. It works good.

Note: It's very effective looking for the hash tags entered on the Posts. Here are the Hash Tags for VOX.MN web site:

MplsPD - if about Minneapolis police and public safety.

Mplsparks - If about Minneapolis for Parks Group.

MplsBudget - If about city of Minneapolis city budget.

MplsIssues - If about issues in the city of Minneapolis.

Mpls2040- If about 2040 Plan or Comp Plan

Affordability - if post is about affordable housing.

Bicycling - if about bicycles and their issues.

Density - if about UpZoning and building Density

Developers - if about building developers

Environment - if about environment or climate change

Gentrification if about gentrification.

HousingCrisis - If about housing crisis, homelessness

Humor - if about building developers

MetroArea - if about issues in the Metro Area

Neighbors - if about city residents and neighborhoods

Projects - if about any building project in the city.

PropertyTaxes - if about Minneapolis city property taxes.

ResearchDocs - if a research document.

Transportation - if about mass transit.

VOX.MN - if about the website or website business

HowVOXMN - if about using VOXMN BLOG

anyphrase - use SEARCH box to find article with the phrase, anyphrase

Note: For multi-word search terms, surround with double quotes (") to search based on the complete term instead each of the words in the term - ie "Red Lake Band" and not just Red Lake Band which will match on posts with just the word "Lake" in them for instance.