Candidates Running For Office

Who Is Running For What?

We like to support the hard-hitting ever-candid local political reporting from Toussaint Morrison. He teamed up with Nekima Levy Armstong and Dave Bicking back in August 2020 to visit the home of Council President Lisa Bender and discuss "What Is The Minneapolis City Council's Track Record?" This was recorded and is right here for your viewing pleasure.

Toussaint Morrison has a great candidate summary up on his website, and you can see who is running for what by ward here. Just click on the map of your ward and it will bring up the candidates with links to their websites.

While on his website ( you may notice the title page "Creating Community and Understanding Amongst Disparity." We give him kudos for that mission, and his spirited engagement with all Minneapolitans. We need more of this!

PS - Here is another link to who is running if you prefer a spreadsheet.

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