Cano: Here are four things to do to show we all matter

This issue I’d like to focus on a comment made regarding my 2020 article. Nicole H. posted this response to that article:

“This is such a crock. Neighborhoods are not representative of their residents (say what?). The city is requiring work to be done to get money. You act like the money is expected or entitled. (This isn’t for me personally, it’s for the communities and part of the participative government experience that has existed in this city for decades.) …. You should write about how the white power base are losing power and have created false narratives. Every single one of your points can be argued yet you will never see it because you are full of the kool-aide. (I assume she means that I am white and it mitigates my ability to understand much of anything.)

I agree with Nicole. I should talk about the white power base losing power; we all should. But to do that means that we must discuss her comment in light of achieving racial and socio-economic parity for all.

The assault on my ideas and opinions is unrelenting not because they are flawed, but because I am (fill in the black). No single person has ever spoken to me about the facts or merits of my opinion. Rather, like Nicole, the response is always about my race or some other unrelated attribute, real or imagined, and as a result of that attribute, I have nothing to offer.

Since Alondra Cano has come to office, I have been called an endless list of insults. It is the same tactic used by the Nationalists in Washington. Think about it. Facts are overlooked in favor of emotionally charged slanders and false narratives designed to cut people out of the conversation.

Read entire article HERE.

"Cano: Here are four things to do to show we all matter"; by Rand Retterath; The Alley Newspaper; July 8, 2019

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