City Issues Glossy PR Video of Budget 101 Meeting

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Unsuspecting residents attended and participated in a civic exercise about additional spending to add to the 2020 Budget on June 10th. We noticed the professional cameraman there, but assumed this was being recorded like most public meetings, and would be accessible to anyone after the meeting.

We contacted the Mayor's office to get the video coverage the day after the meeting, but got no response.

Instead, a week later, we found this glitzy marketing video summarizing the event complete with cliche upbeat music in the background.

What is so abhorrent is that the City puts out this glossy PR footage as a campaign to make it look like we are all involved in a democratic process around the 2020 Budget. This is spin. This is Mayor Frey trying to justify increasing taxes beyond the 7% planned levy (after 5.67% this year) and saying that we wanted it. 

And who paid for the production of this propaganda? We did.

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