CLPC blasts N2020 as 'regulatory' and 'punitive'

Citizens for a Loring Park Community may not have the words "neighborhood" and "association" in their name, but they are very much one of the city's 70 official neighborhood organizations. They are very engaged and committed "to cultivate continuing leadership and help a diverse neighborhood realize a more harmonious, thriving, and beautiful community.deeply engaged with their community."

And they are very unhappy with the Neighborhoods 2020 plan.

CLPC sees the plan as "a complete paradigm shift from the past 40+ years of neighborhood support" that is "regulatory and punitive" rather than "empowering and supportive."

They fault the plan for not holding community organizations to the same "standards, expectations, or scrutiny" as the 70 neighborhood associations nor defining "the purpose or outcome of their work," yet proposing to fund them from the same pot of dollars as the city's official neighborhood associations.

Go HERE to read the CLPC board's letter.

Go HERE to visit the CLPC website.

The Loring Park neighborhood is bordered by I-94 to the south, Hennepin/Lyndale Avenues to the west, and Hawthorne Avenue to the north, with 12th Street marking its boundary with the core downtown area.

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