Consider environmental effects, too

My concern about rezoning city lots for duplexes and triplexes is the issue of hardscape. In order to make multifamily homes with enough space in them for families, these properties will cover more of yards that once were grass and garden space.

With Minnesota getting wetter, where is water runoff going to go? City sewers were not installed to handle the volumes of rainwater that we can expect. Covering more city properties with larger buildings will send more water to sewers (and basements that are already getting flooded) as water-absorbing grass, trees and plants are replaced.

Insurance costs for flooding problems will rise, resulting in higher rents, which will again price lower-income residents out.

Also, less garden and lawn space means fewer flowering plants. This will affect our already diminished insect species such as honeybees and Monarch butterflies.


"Consider environmental effects, too"; By Vickie Cyr; StarTribune Readers Write; Sept 30, 2019

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