Updated: Mar 23, 2019

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Chris Lynch and Dust of Suns Ensemble, with special guests, the Sun Babies. 8pm Friday 3/22, The Warming House.

I have been meaning to write some news commentary here on, but I just have too many ideas and no time. As stated on my profile, I was a local-music reporter around here in the '90s. I still have dear acquaintances doing cool stuff, but their work may go under recognized. Arts fans -- especially around southwest -- may want to know about a gig at premier listening room The Warming House, kitty-korner from Lyndale Farmstead.

Dust of Suns is led by longtime ace pop-rock songwriter Christopher Raymond Lynch (the Picadors, Eller-Lynch). Lately, he's turned his focus toward ``original waltz musettes, magical tangos, and sweet melodic miniatures.'' (His words, not mind, but I concur.) John Munson of Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic and the New Standards (and others) is on upright bass. What makes it even more of a must-go is that there will be a short opening set with Chris leading the children of band members. Ladies and Gentlemen: the Sun Babies!! Ones to watch. 8pm Today (Friday 3/22) Warming House, 4001 Bryant across from Lyndale Farmstead. $12. See ya there.

To save time, here is a link to my Facebook account, and a SHARE of the gig should be top post there. Write to me there with questions. Sorry for the short notice.

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