David Rubedor Should Be Replaced

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

David Rubedor is the Director of the City of Minneapolis' Neighborhood Community Relations Department (NCR). During the past two years, Rubedor and NCR have "engaged" Minneapolis residents and community and neighborhood organizations in several citywide planning processes, including the 2040 Comp Plan and the Neighborhoods 2020 Plan.

Engagement often is described as “being invited to the table” by government, foundations, and nonprofit agencies when they allow stakeholders most affected by their change initiatives to offer comments on them. It is a top-down, institutionally-driven, tightly controlled participation strategy. Government uses and prefers engagement because it includes no shared decision-making power with community residents or their community or neighborhood organizations.

The amount and depth of dissatisfaction with Rubedor and NCR under his leadership in the 2040 and 2020 plans and other City Hall initiatives is well documented and voluminous. Many posts on MNVOX provide details of serious problems with NCR planning processes and its operating practices.

Based on the number of ways and the number of times Rubedor has misrepresented and failed to appropriately serve Minneapolis residents and neighborhood organizations, I have concluded Rubedor should be asked to resign or be terminated by the City Coordinator.

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