Disability rights advocate sues rental scooter companies, alleging blocked sidewalks

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Advocate says the deluge of vehicles, unsafe riders is a violation of the ADA. 

An advocate for disability rights says the recent deluge of rental scooters in Minneapolis has clogged the sidewalks and made the city unsafe for people with impaired mobility, joining critics around the country who allege the popular scooters violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Noah McCourt filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday against the city of Minneapolis and e-scooter startups Bird Rides Inc. and Neutron Holdings Inc., which operate as Bird and Lime, respectively. McCourt has autism and a developmental coordination disorder, which slows his reaction time, he says. Since the scooters arrived, he’s no longer able to stroll around Minneapolis without tripping over scooters on public transit platforms or dodging riders speeding toward him on city sidewalks, McCourt said in an interview.

“I literally have to jump out of the way,” he said. “I’ve been hit by these things before.”

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"Disability rights advocate sues rental scooter companies, alleging blocked sidewalks"; ByAndy Mannix; StarTribune; October 16, 2018

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