"EQUITY" A Book with a Critical Look at the "Minneapolis 2040 Plan"

Contributor and Author Dennis Paulaha - April 2019 Second Printing -

Dennis Paulaha, an economist, has written an insightful book on the Minneapolis 2040 Plan called "EQUITY." Here is the author's introduction:

On January 25, 2019, KSTP News aired an investigative report exposing the fact that the City Council lied about hiring a public relations firm to help keep the public as uninformed as possible about the Minneapolis 2040 Plan. The question is, what are they trying to hide? A large part of the answer is in a little book by economist Dennis Paulaha. It’s titled EQUITY, because it looks at what the 2040 Plan will do to racial equity and home equity by negatively impacting the residents, natural environment, and economy of Minneapolis. If enough people read the book and it gets to the right media people, I am almost certain it will bring down the 2040 Plan, and possibly those behind it. The book can (for now) be read FREE at

The latest online edition of EQUITY is available for VOX.MN members HERE

EQUITY written and published by Dennis Paulaha, April 2019.

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