Ford site project is missing a coherent transportation plan.

"The recently completed environmental review for the Ford site [in St. Paul] indicates that the development will generate 22,000 additional daily vehicle trips, and even more if you count the nearly 8,000 vehicle trips that the city categorized as “various reductions” to be trimmed off the total amount. The same study also estimates that for midrise multifamily housing units, there will be only one commuter trip for every four dwelling units, implying that most of those residents will stay in their apartments, walk, bike or take mass transit.

"Even more puzzling, the conclusion of the study appears to be that the existing infrastructure in the area will accommodate the increased demand generated by the development."


"We are about to break ground on an urban development project that is 10 times the scale of the surrounding neighborhood, and the city doesn’t have a coherent transportation plan.

"To be clear, promoting multimodal transportation options and pedestrian, bicycle and transit infrastructure is good policy. However, forcing reduced demand for vehicle trips through indifference to traffic congestion is misguided policy that undermines the environmental sustainability objectives the planners are intending to serve."

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StarTribune photo by Jim Gehrz

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