Green space serves Bde Maka Ska area better than magical thinking


The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board just passed a resolution to comment in opposition to a citizen-led conservation district next to Bde Maka Ska.

The Park Board is against a six-acre green conservation zone and in favor of several blocks of potential wall-to-wall 10-story apartment buildings just half a block away from Bde Maka Ska — nine towers in all are pictured on the city’s website.

One would think the Park Board would be in favor of preserving a tree-canopied, water-permeable green space.

One would think the Park Board would be against hundreds of additional cars emptying onto the parkway.

Deer, foxes, turkeys, hawks and eagles inhabit the backyards of these homeowners. Where will the fauna live if the flora is paved over?

The mayor and members of the City Council magically believe that high-rises over the lake will make housing affordable (ignoring the First Law of Real Estate: location, location, location). They magically believe these new apartment dwellers will only use light rail and not own cars. Magical thinking is easier, of course, when your campaigns are partly financed by developers.

One would think the Park Board would be a counterweight to such nonsense.

The Park Board voted against conservation. Why?

One clue can be found in the resolution itself, which reveals that the Park Board is eyeing between “$80,000 and $750,000 in parkland dedication fees” from the new apartments.


Come next election, remember that this Park Board just sold the air rights and tree canopy over Bde Maka Ska for 30 pieces of silver.


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