Hennepin County Encourages Deconstruction

Deconstruction incentive program

In an effort to divert waste from landfills, Hennepin County will begin providing incentives to homeowners and developers to deconstruct structures rather than demolish them.

Deconstruction is the process of carefully dismantling building structures to salvage building materials for reuse. Standard demolition techniques use mechanical equipment to knock down structures, destroying materials that could be reused in the process. The labor involved to deconstruct a structure adds cost and time, making it a deterrent.

On Tuesday, the board established the deconstruction incentive program, which aims to make deconstruction a more affordable option. Homeowners and developers are eligible to receive funds up to $5,000 for deconstruction projects.

The program will initially be implemented in Minneapolis and St. Louis Park, but additional cities will be considered for participation as the program expands.

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