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Updated: Feb 9, 2019

We are keeping track of development projects which may contribute to Gentrification. Here is a gallery of the projects being monitored:

  1. The Brenda Uland House called the 44th at Harriet - Apartments in Linden Hills at 2620 W. 44th St. / 2616 W. 44th St. / 2614 W. 44th St. / 2614 ½ W. 44th St. Minneapolis 55410. It is identified as Minneapolis Planning and Zoning permit #BLDGnnnnn

APPLICATIONS Based on staff’s preliminary review, the following land use applications have been identified:

1. Conditional use permit to increase the maximum height of a new building in the SH Shoreland Overlay District from 2.5 stories or 35 feet, whichever is less, to 3 stories/42 feet.

2. Variance to reduce the minimum lot area per dwelling unit from 1,074 square feet

(26 dwelling units) to 776 square feet (36 dwelling units).

3. Variance to reduce the minimum front yard requirement adjacent to W 44th

Street below 29 feet to allow the building wall and possibly the awning.

4. Variance to reduce the minimum side yard requirement adjacent to the east

property line below 9 feet to allow ground floor patios.

5. Variance to reduce the minimum rear yard requirement adjacent to the north

property line and alley below 9 feet.

6. Variance to increase the maximum width of a driveway from 25 feet to 60 feet

(541.240). 7. Site plan review for a new, multiple-family dwelling with 36 units.

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