Independent enters Ward 10 race

Scott Fine said no party represents his values as well as the Democrats, and the ECCO resident has been active on and off in the state’s DFL party for years. But Fine plans to run for the Ward 10 City Council seat as an independent.

A musician who works as a web developer, Fine said he is out to “challenge the status quo” — even if that means making an end-run around the DFL endorsement process.

“Questions of whether or not that endorsement would be winnable — it would be disingenuous to say those questions didn’t arise,” he acknowledged in a recent interview.

That means his campaign against first-term incumbent Lisa Bender has no chance of being derailed at the party’s spring convention and could last into the fall. Bender, a leader on biking and transportation policy who also sponsored the neighborhood’s successful bid to protect 55 homes in a new historic district, said she intends to be the first council member to win re-election in the ward since the 1990s.

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"Independent enters Ward 10 race"; By DYLAN THOMAS; southwestjournal, March 8, 2017

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