Is the Bay Area pushing people to the breaking point?

New poll reveals striking, widespread dissatisfaction

"Despite a booming economy, pleasant climate and natural treasures, nearly two-thirds of Bay Area residents say the quality of life here has gotten worse in the last five years, according to a new poll."

"They cite a litany of reasons: high housing prices, traffic jams, the cost of living and homelessness. It’s so bad that about 44 percent say they are likely to move out of the Bay Area in the next few years, with 6 percent saying they have definite plans to leave this year."

"The poll, conducted for this news organization and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, reflects the paradox of Bay Area life — how does a thriving job center with world-class universities and culture stir such dissatisfaction and misery in its people?"

"Home prices have risen at a record pace since early 2012. Commutes have grown longer and congestion has become worse as workers move farther away for affordable housing.

“It’s a mix of hopelessness and understanding,” said Clint Caldwell, 26, a recruiter at a San Francisco tech firm who grew up in the Bay Area and rents a home in Menlo Park with his wife and three children."

“That’s the bargain you have to make living in the Bay Area.”

The dissatisfaction spreads across political parties and county lines, according to the poll of 1,568 registered voters in five counties. Just 7 percent of respondents said life has gotten better here in the past five years, and 23 percent said it’s stayed about the same."

Read Entire article HERE. By LOUIS HANSEN; Bay Area News Group; The Mercury Times; March 27, 2019


It seems an article like this appears every few years about the Bay Area ever since I started visiting there in the early '70's when I was first recruited for work. I see this again and it leaves me both depressed and elated all at the same time.

I.m depressed at the memory of looking at simple houses we couldn't begin to afford then. And now here bursting with gratitude having luckily avoided the California Dream! Elder W

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