Lisa Bender's Podcast Says It All

Our City Council President, Lisa Bender, was interviewed for a show called "Building Better Communities With Transit" out of Washington DC.

What struck me as most ironic was her answer to why she decided to run for office. Her answer: "I came to the realization that my City Council Member wasn’t really representing my values or what I saw most of my community really wanting and caring about."

Ms. Bender, there are a lot of people in ward 10 and around the city that would describe you exactly the same way. In no way do you represent our values or what we care about. Every time you don't respond to an email, every time that you don't permit a constituent to talk about something that you don't agree with, every time that you dismiss someone from outside your ward despite your Council President role, every time you listen to hours of testimony against a proposal and forge ahead with no concern for the voices heard... you show us clearly that you do not represent our values. And we will vote accordingly.

Link to the full podcast here.

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