Mayor Budget 101

Preliminary 2020 city budget work begins.

The Mayor hosted a work session for selected residents Monday.

The exercise was rigidly run asking attendees to prioritize items from the distributed list. There was no opportunity to discuss, support or eliminate different items nor to allow other items to be added. Attendees were grossly disappointment in the meeting expecting an engagement between city officials and citizens. Instead it was tightly controlled demand to items prioritization with implications of approval. There was no approval or denial discussions allowed.

We presume that we will have a 7% tax increase for 2020 to begin with. The attached budget additions will be added on top of the 7% . Furthermore it is expect that another 30% increase is in the works over the next five years.

Read the entire budget list HERE.

Beyond the city budget increases it has been forecast that Parks and Recreation will be adding another 10% increase. And then Hennepin county is expected to have increases especially for SWLRT budget coverage.

All in all the next few years are going to bring whopping property tax increases to ALL Minneapolis residents, homeowners and renters both. City leaders are not accepting comments or concerns about the increases. Their approach is simply to dictate the increases to those who pay the property taxes with no recourse.

The next city election is November 2021. That is when property tax payers will have a real chance to express their approval and no time before.

Here's the schedule for 2020 budget work - Minneapolis Budget Calendar

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