Mayor Frey Wants To Make Sure Upper Harbor Terminal Development Happens

Star Tribune - February 19, 2019 - Jacob Frey and Phillipe Cunningham - Read full article here.

Comments by a VOXMN contributor.

This excerpt brings up the question of who exactly our city leadership is working for:

"Once the concept plan is approved, the Park Board, the city and the development team will turn to the community for partnership in making big decisions and bring the project to fruition. This is an undertaking of historic proportions, and part of changing history means we put north Minneapolis first and make sure North Side residents are involved in the planning process. Deeper community collaboration is baked into the next phase for the Upper Harbor Terminal."

What is most obvious to me is who Mayor Frey will go out on a limb for - and it is not residents. North Minneapolis is not being put first. They have already come out in droves against this plan. They have already testified publicly, privately, in meetings with Council Members, on email and in phone calls.

Why fight for residents when you can fight for developers? Let's just push it through and deal with those pesky taxpayers afterwards: "Once the concept plan is approved they will turn to the community for partnership."

This sounds all too familiar. Community collaboration is "baked into the next phase" when it should be there from the start.

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