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Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Our website BLOG is setup for members who can have private discussions between each other and at the same time allow some posts to made public for anyone to see. So some posts need to remain private to members and others will be made public after review by an editor. Here is how the posting works:

To Post:

1. Login to the Blog by clicking on the “Members Blog” link found as a drop-

down selection under “MEMBERS” tab on the page Navigation Bar at the top

of each page.

2. At the BLOG page click on the “Create a Post” at page top.

3. Write your Post as I'm writing this as a Post.

4. You can suspend drafting any time but need to use the Post settings to do a

“Save” (button at the bottom of the Post settings panel ) before leaving Post

drafting. Return to drafting by clicking on your Member name drop-down

menu upper right and clicking on “Drafts”

5. Post settings are accessed by clicking the gear icon upper right; the Settings panel pops up on the right side of the page.

6. When done drafting the post do the following:

  • Add a hash tag line to the bottom of the post the starts with “#Tags:

  • If the post is intended to be for Public viewing then set the Category of the Post to "Public". Category is found under Post Settings.

  • Click on "Save" at the bottom of the page if you have brought up Post Settings.

  • At the bottom of the Post page click on "Publish” button. The Post becomes visible to the rest of the Members.

7 . The post author may wish to have the Post reviewed or edited. If so Contact

a Blog Editor.

Categories for Posting:

Use the Post settings (little gear icon) for setting the category for the Post.

The categories for marking a Post:

  • MembersOnly - means for BLOG members only and not to be made Public.

  • Public - For anyone in the world to see.

  • Private - For author only. Usually used for developing a Post over sessions.

  • ForReview - The author wants a Blog editor or some other Member to review the Post.

Tags with posting:

We use hash tags so that the site search tool can be used to find posts.

Include a separate line with the tag(s) in the post starting with “Tags:”

followed by the tags comma separated if multiple.

#2040 - Minneapolis 2040 Plan.

#Videos - Video presentation.

#Audio - Audio presentation.

#Environment - If about environment issues.

#Affordability - if post is about affordable housing.

#Transportation - if about mass transit.

#Gentrification - if about gentrification.

#Minneapolis - if about city of Minneapolis matters.

#PropertyTaxes - if about Minneapolis city property taxes.

#VOX.MN - if about the website or website business

#Projects - if about any building project in the city.

#Housing - if about residential housing.

#Articles - if about a particular article (use proper citing info)

#Crisis - if about the housing crisis, either single family of mule-


#Watch - if about the property projects tracking.

#Help - Member information including this post.

Article citing Format:

The recommended format for citing articles is:

1. Example of format:

"Wall Street Investors Intensify Affordable Housing Crisis" found in the

CAPITAL & MAIN, January 8, 2019 by David Sirota

2. Or:

“[title of article]” found in the [publication name], [date] by

[author name]

Design rules for writing posts:

1. Color:

• Blue color - select #4D8DD6

• Green color - select #004DZB

• "Black" text is NOT black - it is this dark gray color on the color


2. Fonts:

• Sans Serif = DIN Neuzeit Grotesk

• Serif (used for most titles and body text) = Georgia

Post Problems: If you’re having problems using the site:

1. Use the Help tools by clicking on the little (?) question mark icon, and

2. Use the Wix User Help Center at, or

3. Contact us -

⁃ Use the Chat tool, or (only works if we’re online when you Chat)

⁃ Use the message tool to send us a message, or (we’ll respond when we

come online)

⁃ Email us at “” or ""

⁃ Include a problem description, and

⁃ Your member ID


1. The site Search box on the Navigation Bar only searches within our

web site.

2. You can draft a Post using Word or some other writing tool and

copy/paste it into the Draft Post page. If you paste using “Common-

option-shift-V” it will copy the formatting and styles.

3. For adding images to posts use the sizes described at the Wix Help

Center -

Known Problems:

  1. The system is suppose to let you write a post and then "Save" it before publishing and then let you return to access the unfinished post using the "Drafts" option in the login drop-down menu. That does not work. The draft is lost and can not be recovered.

  2. Instead set the Category of the post to "Private" then "Publish" the unfinished post. Later come back and finish the post. Setting the Category to "Private" will prevent the editors from making your unfinished post into a "Public" post which makes it public and viewable by all. Plus "Private" makes it un-viewable by other BLOG Members.

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