Met Council Has Issues with M2040 Too

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Read it here (PDF), nine pages of preliminary feedback from the Met Council to the City of Minneapolis.

Thanks to one of our Contributor's, here are some highlights of why it is deemed "incomplete" -

"Although the Council expects plans to be modified during the review period, the Council cannot determine if the Plan was substantially complete when initially sent for review, or if relevant supplemental information was shared with jurisdictions that may be affected by such information." (Page 1)

"The Plan must geographically identify (map) areas where the City expects development and redevelopment to occur." (Page 2)

"The Plan cannot state, as it does...that it 'is not inconsistent with the policies in the Plan to build at residential densities greater than those identified in the table.' The Metropolitan Council uses various sets of information to conduct system planning and analysis against regional policy. It is also inconsistent with Minnesota statute regarding the use of official controls to implement the Plan." (Page 3)

"The Plan must identify density ranges that are consistent with development densities that the City has been supporting through recent comprehensive plan amendments and development proposals..." (Page 3)

"The roughly 49,000 units presented in each of these tables is much higher than the projected household growth through 2040. [Met] Council staff request information on what this land inventory represents, where it is located, and how the densities were determined." (Page 4)