Metro area growth continues, housing challenges remain

Preliminary population estimates show Minneapolis and Saint Paul continue to lead growth in number of new residents.

Saint Paul—May 20, 2019—Population growth continues throughout the region, according to the Metropolitan Council’s community-level preliminary population estimates for 2018. Early estimates show the strongest growth continues in urban and suburban areas.

 As population growth outpaces residential construction, however, the region’s housing vacancy rate has gone down, housing prices and rental rates have risen, and the shortage of housing and affordable housing reaches critical proportions.

“Steady growth is a sign of our diverse and competitive economy and livable cities,” said Council Chair Nora Slawik. “But the challenge remains of ensuring housing, and housing that’s affordable, is available to all families who want to make this their home and place of work,” said Slawik.

“Housing is no different from other infrastructure, like sanitary sewers, and transit and transportation that allows us to grow and prosper,” she said. “We need housing production to keep pace with growth and meet the needs of residents now and in the future.”

Local government officials can review and comment on the preliminary estimates. By statute, the Council will finalize the estimates by July 15 for state government purposes, such as local government and street aid.

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"Metro area growth continues, housing challenges remain";; May 20, 2019

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