Midtown Phillips to city: work with us, not against us

The Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association is a vibrant, inclusive, active group working to celebrate and improve its vibrant, inclusive, and active community. You'd think City Hall would be happy to have such a partner, right? Well, guess again. Through its heavy-handed, top-down Neighborhoods 2020 Plan City Hall is pushing hard to restructure and reshape the city's 70 neighborhood associations. Some in city leadership would be happy, in fact, to see them just go away.

In their March 27 letter of response the Midtown Phillips board states clearly their accomplishments and their needs and calls on the city to work with the neighborhood associations going forward instead of dictating to them. Their letter concludes with these ringing words:

  • We believe that in a common vision of empowerment-led organizing we will see greater partnerships, increased involvement, change in the way things are done, and shared power between community and government.

  • We believe in neighborhood place based organizations which work in partnership with community organizations and government on projects created for the people, by the people, and of the people in those neighbor-hood.

Go HERE to read the Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association's response.

Go HERE to visit MPNAI's great website.

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