Minneapolis 2040 Plan is just part of the solution

Re: David Schultz’s June 26 Community Voices commentary, Minneapolis residential discrimination: Why neoliberal zoning will fail:

Things are the way they are for a reason. And the reasons can be complex. That’s why we never said that upzoning the City of Minneapolis would be the only solution to a history of racially biased policies and practices that prevented many residents from partaking in the prosperity of our community for the past 150 years.

Those of us on the ground, doing this work every day, know that these are not single-issue problems; they are part of an interconnected system of challenges and opportunities that have been created over the past 150 years. That’s why the Minneapolis 2040 Plan looks at all of the systems related to these opportunities and challenges. Unfortunately, many people have reduced this plan to one headline — “Single Family Zoning Eliminated.” That is an intellectually lazy approach to understanding this document and the recommendations it makes about how to guide the future of Minneapolis.

Minneapolis is a great city that suffers from the same disparities, racially and economically, that plague many large cities. Unfortunately, it ranks at the lowest in terms of many key outcomes for black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) communities. Minneapolis consistently ranks near the bottom in black homeownership, educational attainment of blacks and Native Americans, and the median black household income. We are justly proud of the diverse and long-sustained economy we enjoy in our community, but the stark reality is that these disparities have been deep and persistent, and not everyone is benefiting. Despite a narrative of exceptionalism, this community is failing people who are black and brown, and that is not sustainable.

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"Minneapolis 2040 Plan is just part of the solution"; by Heather Worthington; MinnPost; July 5, 2019

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