Minneapolis considers limiting landlords' ability to screen tenants

Landlords say applicants' criminal, eviction and credit history is relevant. 

Minneapolis City Council members are drafting a new ordinance that would limit how landlords use criminal, credit and eviction history to screen prospective tenants.

As city officials search for ways out of the affordable housing crisis, they are taking aim at a long-running point of contention in the housing debate: the tenant screening process. Housing advocates say the process does not give a full picture of an individual's ability to be a good tenant.

But property owners say restricting their ability to screen tenants would prevent them from having enough information about potentially unsuitable applicants.

Under a draft ordinance sponsored by Council President Lisa Bender and Council Member Jeremiah Ellison, landlords would be barred from denying an applicant on the basis of felony convictions if the cases are more than five years old; misdemeanors more than two years old; arrests that did not result in a conviction; expunged or vacated convictions; and convictions from the juvenile justice system.

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"Minneapolis considers limiting landlords' ability to screen tenants"; by Marissa Evans; StarTribue; May 31, 2019

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