Minneapolis developers clash with City Council over housing rules

Minneapolis developers and City Council members clashed Wednesday over a plan that would require new housing complexes to include below-market-value units.

While the language for an "inclusionary zoning" ordinance is still in the works, members of a developers coalition called Building Minneapolis Together showed up to a City Council committee meeting to say they've been left out of the process. That includes Steve Minn, a downtown developer who accused the council of "legislating against market forces."

"We're concerned that your policy could — probably likely will — have the complete opposite effect on production and preservation of affordable housing," Minn told the council members. "We're trying to convey that message to you, and we think we're being ignored."

Steve Cramer, president of the Minneapolis Downtown Council, also part of the developers coalition, warned that an overreaching policy could make it unfeasible to build in Minneapolis and exacerbate the underlying problems contributing to rising rents.

"It's really important in our view to think this through again," he said.

The council members appeared unmoved, including Council President Lisa Bender, who accused critics of espousing "disingenuous rhetoric."

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"Minneapolis developers clash with City Council over housing rules"; By Andy Mannix; Star Tribune; July 17, 2019

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