Minneapolis leaders continue to cater to some at others’ expense


So the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to ban any new drive-through service in the city. People with disabilities have objected, and rightfully so, but there is one group that will be negatively impacted who have not been mentioned: parents of children with disabilities, for example autistic children, and parents of very young children.

Imagine that mother wants to give her two young autistic children a special treat from McDonald’s on their way home. Imagine the difficulty of getting her children out of the car and into the restaurant and hoping and praying that they will not be disruptive to the other diners while they wait for their order. Sometimes even getting them though the parking lot into the door can be dangerous. Throw in some ice and snow, and it’s even harder.

The council is all about providing for the young and able-bodied with bike and scooter rentals and bike lanes, but is uncaring about this very important but overlooked part of our community.


"Readers Write: ..., Minneapolis' drive-through ban"; Star Tribune; Aug 9, 2019

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