Minneapolis leaders need to get behind Police Chief Medaria Arradondo

To not support him is to risk losing him and, consequently, throwing the Minneapolis Police Department into disarray. 

It’s the best of times, worst of times to be a Minneapolis police officer.

It’s the best of times because line-of-duty deaths are at historic lows. Compensation reflects a professional level, benefits are generous, including an increasingly rare livable pension. The work is meaningful and rewarding.

And Chief Medaria Arradondo is a 30-year veteran, whip-smart, of great character, and a native Minneapolitan (South Side, Minneapolis Central, I might add). The community, elected officials and the union support him. I certainly do.

It is also the worst of times, however, because intense scrutiny and a presumption of misconduct is soul-wrenching for police officers. There have been horrendous acts of misconduct and poor judgment locally and nationally. Irrespective of the fact that these are anomalies, every officer owns the conduct of every other officer among activists and segments of the media.

I was shocked to hear that some members of the Lyndale Neighborhood Association (LNA) did not want their inspector to attend an LNA meeting in uniform. I was the Fifth Precinct inspector from 1992 to 1994. Lyndale was not then the desirable neighborhood it is today. Crack sales and the attendant violence, including murder, had neighbors scared.

LNA was one of my very best partners. They responded by coming together with programs like Lyndale Walkers, housing strategies and a strong partnership with the Fifth Precinct. These are the reasons Lyndale is a solid, diverse neighborhood today.

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"Minneapolis leaders need to get behind Police Chief Medaria Arradondo"; By Gregory Scott Hestness; StarTribune Opinion Exchange; Sept 19, 2019

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