Minneapolis moves forward by allowing triplexes citywide

The City Council sets first part of 2040 plan in motion, eliminating single-family zoning. 

The Minneapolis City Council on Friday voted unanimously to allow duplexes and triplexes in low-density residential neighborhoods, eliminating single-family zoning that had been in place for decades.

The vote sets into motion the first and most contentious component of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, one that drew nationwide attention from other cities looking to diversify neighborhoods as their populations grow.

Before the vote, City Council President Lisa Bender said the approval was “one of the many changes that will be coming” as a result of the plan, which was formally adopted last month.

“We think that we should allow more housing units in every neighborhood, that we shouldn’t cordon off parts our of city to say, ‘This is only for one type of living,’ ” she said. “That we need a diversity of housing types and options, everywhere.”

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"Minneapolis moves forward by allowing triplexes citywide"; By Miguel Otárola; StarTribune; November 8, 2019

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