Minneapolis Park Board seeks input on plan that pushes more traffic onto Minnehaha

Residents who live along W. Minnehaha Parkway near Nicollet Avenue could see up to four times the traffic under a road redesign being considered by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

The changes, part of a larger plan being developed for the parkway and the surrounding parkland, could include closing the segment of Minnehaha that runs under a bridge at Nicollet, shifting traffic to an upper roadway to cross Nicollet at street level.

The proposal is the Park Board's second attempt at plans for remaking the parkway, and will be the subject of public meetings Tuesday and Thursday.

Residents strongly objected this summer to original plans that called for installing concrete medians at key intersections along Minnehaha Parkway. The medians would have forced drivers to turn right off the parkway and onto city streets, cutting the amount of through traffic using the road that snakes along Minnehaha Creek. That idea was scrapped and led to the revised plans for the Nicollet crossing and other key points.

Under the new scenario, the number of vehicles on the upper Minnehaha roadway would rise from 300 to 1,200 per day west of Nicollet Avenue and from 560 to 1,500 vehicles per day to the east of Nicollet, according to a recent traffic study. The study also found that up to five vehicles at a time could be waiting on Minnehaha to cross Nicollet during peak periods, but that would not adversely affect the neighborhood, project manager Adam Arvidson said.

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"Minneapolis Park Board seeks input on plan that pushes more traffic onto Minnehaha"; By Tim Harlow; Star Tribune; November 18, 2019

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