Minneapolis taxpayers already fund parks generously

After speaking with countless leaders, youth advocates and park commissioners, I vetoed a request for more funds, and I stand by that decision. 

When I first moved to Minneapolis, I found community among thousands of people on summer nights at the Lake Harriet Band Shell. As mayor, I find peace in our parks during evening runs and weekend lunches with my wife, Sarah, at our favorite bench in Chute Square.

Whether seeking solitude after a long day or communing with nature and celebrating with neighbors, Minneapolis parks have helped shape our residents' lives for the better.

And in Minneapolis we have collectively committed to supporting parks that for generations have given our city so much. In fact, on a per capita basis, no city demonstrates a deeper commitment than ours. The average Minneapolis resident contributes $346.97 in taxes annually to support our parks. That's 30% more than the next closest figure, Seattle's, at $268.42 per resident.

Those investments are being put to good work, for both the near-and-long-term.

The vision laid out in the city's 20-year Parks and Streets Plan is becoming reality with another $12.5 million set aside in this year's budget for badly needed maintenance and repairs.

On top of last year's $3.5 million levy increase, this year we are again increasing the parks budget — to the tune of $3.8 million in additional funds.

So, after recommending millions in new funding, I paused when Park Board President Brad Bourn insisted on over $1 million more.

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"Minneapolis taxpayers already fund parks generously"; By Jacob Frey; StarTribune OpEd; Sept 26, 2019

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