Minneapolis Together Launches

May 3, 2021 (update from March 24, 2021 posting)

We are sharing the link to the newly launched MplsTogether website — please check it out!

It's for people who want to replace ideologues with consensus-builders on the City Council, want MPD to be transformed — not dismantled, and so on. It's a hub for information and for connections to like-minded groups and will also send action alerts.

Please sign up to show support and/or receive messages. If you like the site, please share with friends. We will work together to succeed in November!

MPLS Together is a nonpartisan alliance of Minneapolis residents, organizations, and businesses concerned that the city’s current path to change is reckless and divisive. Only when we see and hear each other as neighbors will we find common ground, and Minneapolis can become a place where all may prosper.

March 24, 2021

VoxMN is honored to announce the pre-launch of a new citywide nonpartisan coalition Minneapolis Together.

"MPLS Together is a nonpartisan coalition of community leaders, business owners, and residents. We believe that Minneapolis can become a safe, just, and prosperous city for all. To get there, we need leaders who will build consensus and make change responsibly."

Their important first project, related to public safety during the trial of Derek Chauvin, is linked here. Their website is in development, it will be accessed at