Minneapolis Wants to Tie Funding of Neighborhood Groups to their Diversity

Miguel Otarola - Star Tribune - January 28, 2019

Neighborhood associations in Minneapolis could lose their funding if their leadership doesn’t include enough people of color and renters under changes proposed by the city.

The 70 city-funded neighborhood associations have been a key part of Minneapolis’ civic life for decades, maintaining paid staffs, providing housing assistance, organizing local cleanups and art events, running drug-prevention campaigns and more. For years, the city has looked to diversify their boards, which have been disproportionately made up of white homeowners.

The future of the groups is now the focus of an initiative called Neighborhoods 2020, which would bring them more firmly under City Hall control. The tax district that funneled millions of dollars to the associations is set to expire at the end of this year — with $4.1 million earmarked for 2019 and more for 2020 — and the city says the groups need to change if they want continued city funding.

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