MPRB Southwest Master Planning: Hold MPRB Accountable!

The last CAC (Community Advisory Committee) meeting for the Southwest Parks Master Planning process is on October 7th, and they need to hear from you! Too many decisions are being made without public engagement or input.

We do need people to show up in force as a presence. Oct. 7: CAC Meeting #16 at MLK Recreation Center

Roster and Public Comment link…/1l…/SWsamp-CAC-Roster.pdf

Also of interest, in light of the MPRB asking for even more of our tax money (which Mayor Frey vetoed), remember that Minneapolis already spends FAR MORE PER CAPITA than any city in the country on Parks. Here is the link, it shows how wasteful the Park Board is being with our resources.

Show up on the 7th and let the MPRB know how you feel about this.

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