N4MN Changing their tune

I laughed when someone sent this alert from Neighbors for More Neighbors to me. (see the attachment)  Meg Forney organized her block into a conservation district so they could preserve the history of their small part of their neighborhood. One measly block.  But that act of defiance to the 2040 Plan brought down the wrath of the developer advocacy group, Neighbors for More Neighbors. They sent out an alert to their supporters telling them to call the Planning Commission to quash this because we can't have even one block defying the takeover of Uptown by high rises. 

The funniest thing though is that now Neighbors for More Neighbors are concerned about concentrating development to support transit.  Nothing could have been further from the thinking of up-zoning the City than concentrating development at transit nodes. Concentrating development at transit nodes is what the Met Council calls for in its planning and what St Paul did.  Why?  To leverage transit investments and make it easy for people to use transit by locating housing and businesses next to transit.  Not blocks away.  But that is not what Neighbors for More Neighbors advocated for. They advocated for allowing new high density development anywhere. But now, when the developers come knocking, they change their tune.  

Not cool.

Carol Becker


"N4MN Changing their tune"; By Carol Becker; VOX.MN; August 15, 2019

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