Neighborhoods 2020

Yet another power grab by our City Council.

Here is the letter from David Rubedor on the framework passed by City Council.

Dear neighborhood and community leaders,

Today, May 17, 2019, the City Council passed the Neighborhoods 2020 framework and two staff directions supporting community engagement. City staff are directed to develop a workplan and timeline for adopting a Citywide community engagement policy. Staff are further directed to work with a consultant(s) to continue conversations with neighborhoods and the community on program guidelines and metrics for the Neighborhoods 2020 framework while continuing to ensure that racial equity remains at the core of the work.

The City recognizes that neighborhoods are positioned to identify local issues and opportunities and understands that Minneapolis greatly benefits from a robust neighborhoods system. The Neighborhoods 2020 framework addresses neighborhood programming, funding and governance structure for the city’s 70 neighborhood organizations in 2021 and beyond. This endeavor is part of broader work across the City to ensure greater equity for Minneapolis residents.

The framework goals include:

  • Organizations reflecting the diversity of the communities they serve.

  • Simplifying participation for all.

  • Saving money and staff time for participating organizations.

Since 2016, the City of Minneapolis Neighborhood and Community Relations Department has been holding conversations with community and neighborhood leaders and elected officials about the needs and goals of this growing and vibrant city, and identifying the role that neighborhoods should play in meeting them. This initiative, called Neighborhoods 2020, culminated in a set of recommendations presented to the City Council’s Public Health, Environment and Community Engagement Committee May 6. Today’s City Council actions approved the core aspects of that recommendation along with the staff directives.

See the attached framework resolution and staff directions pending mayoral review below.

More information is available at If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to reach out to your neighborhood specialist or me. Thank you.

David Rubedor Director of Neighborhood and Community Relations ADA Title II Coordinator

City of Minneapolis – Neighborhood and Community Relations Crown Roller Mill, Room 425 105 5th Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55401 Office: 612-673-3129

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