Neighbors, council member fight Airbnb-style rentals in Minneapolis

94 short-term rentals would dominate one downtown building. 

Downtown neighbors protested plans to turn nearly an entire apartment building into a makeshift hotel Monday night, arguing the developer misled them and will introduce a transient population that will disrupt the community.

“What makes me upset is that the community’s not considered in this,” said Susan Eisenberg, among those in the standing-room-only-crowd of the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association’s meeting. “Because I’m pretty sure everyone in this room is really upset.”

Developer Sherman Associates shared its plans with the association for a 122-unit apartment building at S. 205 Park Ave. Shane LaFave, director of development for Sherman, said it has signed a five-year contract with San Francisco-based rental company Sonder to dedicate 94 of those units to short-term leases.

“This is a really solid company,” said LaFave of Sonder. “We said, ‘If this is happening, then why not here? Why not in this building?’ ”

“How about next to your house?” one crowd member shouted.

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"Neighbors, council member fight Airbnb-style rentals in Minneapolis"; by Andy Mannix; Star Tribune; June 11, 2019

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