No responders for 911 calls and not enough police

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

So with the backdrop of the Public Safety hearing at city hall today - we thought it appropriate to look at the facts.

(watch today's Public Safety meeting here)

According to this data (…/crime-Minneapolis-Minnesota.html) Minneapolis has a violent crime index of 627 compared to the US average of 214.8.

Our murder rate is 42 per 100K in population - which works out to 177 in 2017. Our crime index has increased in each of the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 (no 2018 data yet).

City data for YTD 2019: "MPD said there has been an increase in crime, putting the yearly total up 10 percent."

However, City Council President Lisa Bender tweeted this response to adding more police: "At approximately $150k per officer this would cost about $60 million *annually* above what the city already invests in MPD, not including settlements for police violence. In 2025, who will be able to afford to live in Minneapolis?"

Pulling the affordability card on public safety is not only irresponsible, it begs the question of what we ARE spending on that is more important?

Yesterday we learned this about 911 calls: “There were 6,776 priority one calls that were made that we didn’t have an officer immediately able to respond,” Minneapolis Police public information officer John Elder said.

Ms. Bender, please wake up and focus on providing the very basic services required to keep a city running - the most important of which is Public Safety.

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