Nowhere for all the water to go

Minnesota's aging stormwater systems weren't built for this volume of rain, and cities can't keep up. 

"Across Minnesota, cities large and small are scrambling to upgrade storm sewers, culverts, roadways and drainage ponds as they find themselves deluged by ever-more intense storms and flash flooding. With global temperatures on the rise, this decade is likely to be the wettest in Minnesota history, according to retired state climatologist Mark Seeley.

"All that water is overwhelming Minnesota’s patchwork of stormwater systems, a huge, aging network of tunnels, pipes and culverts — some of it more than 100 years old — that carries water away to ditches, rivers and lakes. And all of it was designed to handle the climate of the past, said Ryan Anderson, stormwater program manager at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency."

What does the Minneapolis 2040 Plan do to address this crisis?

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