Our Streets paves way to better communities

Group works to make biking and walking in Mpls. safe for everyone. 

Some people across Minneapolis are not able to access safe modes of transportation. Our Streets Minneapolis is a nonprofit organization that encourages accessibility to improve community building. The group wants people to see their streets as more than somewhere to drive a car.

“Cities should be for people and not just for cars,” said Ashwat Narayanan, executive director of Our Streets Minneapolis.

Our Streets Minneapolis creates a community for minority groups supporting alternative forms of transportation, including biking, walking and rolling. Their purpose is to make streets better for people. They do this by hosting volunteer groups, by seeking opinions from minority voices and by hosting events called Open Streets Minneapolis.

The history of transportation has hurt minority groups, Narayanan said.

“Transportation essentially has been a tool to perpetuate racism and segregation,” he said.

He said interstates built years ago destroyed certain communities and divided others.

Minority groups, including black, Latino and indigenous communities, still have not recovered from those decisions. Transportation systems affect how people can access jobs and whether they are able to walk safely on their streets. The minority communities are unable to have that access, Narayanan said. Now, Our Streets is trying to use transportation as a connector for different communities.

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"Our Streets paves way to better communities"; By Peyton Burruss; StarTribune; Aug 31, 2018

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