Park Board Pushes Thru Plans for Minnehaha Creek Area

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

From Nextdoor - this sure sounds familiar:

I would encourage anybody living in South Minneapolis to have a look at the Park Board's concepts for a "redesign" of Minnehaha Parkway and Creek.

There have already been a few meetings about the concepts and the Park Board is nearly halfway through the entire process. It is concerning that they are pushing this forward very quickly and with little notice. There has not been mention of this in the Star Tribune or on Nextdoor.

The residents who have attended the neighborhood meetings within the last month were mostly upset with the tactics used by the Park Board to proceed with their concepts without notifying stakeholders in the neighborhoods surrounding Minnehaha Creek.

Please review and respond to the surveys. We are at risk of losing some of the most natural beauty in the city if this plan goes through unchecked.

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