Park Board should stick to maintaining our green spaces

The commentary by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on Sept. 27 brought up so many concerns, it is hard to know where to begin ("City taxpayers already fund our parks generously," Opinion Exchange, Sept. 27). It was astounding that the average Minneapolis resident "contributes" $346.97 annually in taxes to their parks. That figure is 30% more than the next-closest figure in the country. Yet with all that money, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board President Brad Bourn wants $1 million more than the $3.5 million levy increase last year and another $3.8 million this year.

I'd also like to know why — "unlike other city departments" — the Park Board can independently decide how to use its money.

Bourn and I have exchanged a few e-mails about the board's decision to rename not only Lake Calhoun but also all the parkways that bear that name. Maybe if Bourn and the board members concentrated on their core mission (maintaining parks) rather than youth development programs and promoting a "social justice agenda" with politically correct name changes, the board would have enough money to actually do its job.

And then there were the reports of cronyism with the controversial hiring of a consultant last year.

There are many reasons for residents to have concerns about the current make up of that board.


"Park Board should stick to maintaining our green spaces"; By Pamela Pommer; StarTribune Readers Write; Sept 30, 2019

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