Planning Commission approves apartment project near 36th & Bryant

Planning commissioners approved plans April 23 to build 41 apartments at the Southwest Senior Center site near 36th & Bryant, calling it the type of development the city should encourage.

Owners Jeff Hall, Sean Sweeney and Alex Gese proposed a new four-story building (rising 50-57 feet, depending on the grade) with 20 spaces underground. Hall said they’re seeing demand for microunits and walkability.

“We love the neighborhood, and we’re excited to be investing in it,” Hall said.

The developer dropped a petition for a closer southern setback for balconies at the request of the city and the neighboring homeowner.

Several nearby neighbors speaking at the Planning Commission meeting said they don’t object to redevelopment of the senior center, but they do object to the proposed scale of the project, along with its impacts on privacy, shadowing and safety in the alley.

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"Planning Commission approves apartment project near 36th & Bryant"; by MICHELLE BRUCH; southwestjournal; May 1, 2018

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